The benefits of videos and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This isn’t Easter related… I thought an Easter blog would be a great idea, but I’m not creative enough to think of anything to write about!

But, in my last blog I said that I would do some videos of my training, and I just thought I would share with you how difficult I have found it! Which will also explain why you haven’t seen any yet! However, it has made me realise just how beneficial videoing your riding can be.

After watching the first videos back, I honestly felt rubbish. I thought I looked terrible, and that I was riding so badly. I was like how can I share these with people when I look like that? I then videoed a different exercise and I thought the same but even worse. My hands were too low, and in my lap. I was slouching, which was the one thing I was trying to work on not happening. But this time, I tried to not be too negative and remember that all the exercises, I was doing because I needed to do them, so they weren’t going to be perfect. I then went back the next day and did the exercise again and remembered what it was that I didn’t like about the first ones and focused on it not happening again…. And the outcome was so much better!

I’ve found that videoing the exercises I’m doing has been just as beneficial as the exercises themselves. So, I would highly recommend if you can and whilst there’s plenty of extra time to spend on the horses, or if you’re like me and have extra family members around to be top videoers! Try and get some videos of you schooling at home so you can watch them back and see exactly what you’re not happy with, to then try and improve that the next day and video the result.

Also, it takes SO long to go through all the videos and make one that’s worth publishing! For anyone that makes videos regularly, I don’t know how you do it! Anyway, a video will be up soon…. I will also try and do a bloopers video as well, so you can see that it doesn’t always go to plan!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine as much as I am and have a lovely Easter weekend!


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